It is the year 2525 by the Imperial Calendar. His most Imperial Highness, Emperor Karl-Franz I von Holswig-Schliestein, Grand Prince of Altdorf, Count of the Reikland, Protector of The Empire sits upon the throne.

Ancient foes still wage war on one another; Dwarves fight never ending hordes of Goblins and Orcs in the Worlds Edge Mountains in the East, the realms of men steel themselves against the constant threat of attack from the Northern Chaos Wastes, The Elves struggle with their fallen brethren in the West, the bands from the Ogre Kingdom raid with increasing frequency from their strongholds in the Mountains of Mourn, Dead things inhabit the lands of Araby to the south and from darkened lands of Sylvania in the Imperial East.

But in this world of trouble and strife there is hope. Adventures rise up, becoming beacons of light that the common people can rally round. But the way is not easy, and is frought with peril.


Life & Death in the Old World